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Welcome to Kenkokan
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twist_kickU.K.B. Kenkokan Karate-do is a dynamic and fast expanding style of martial arts. The style has its roots in traditional and ancient forms but is structured on modern and scientific training methods which suits all body types.

Kenkokan techniques are structured on various karate styles, mainly drawing from Shorinji-ryu, Shotokan and Goju-ryu. Both non-contact and safety contact karate are taught at all the clubs.

The Kenkokan organisation promotes the martial art of karate and self defence, to teach the student both physical and mental discipline. Hence, a great deal of stress is put on achieving not only flexibility and aerobic fitness, but, also learning to relate to a strict set of moral values which are often forgotten in today’s society

U.K.B. Kenkokan Karate-do boasts many champion martial artists, both male and female. There are several senior black belts who assist in the running of the many branch clubs in Australia. The organisation has several affiliate clubs in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

The World Kenkokan headquarters are located in Ashmore. The studio is modern and fully equipped with mats, bags and mirrors. The Ashmore studio operates on a full-time basis. There are separate classes for children, adults, beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Classes are varied with early morning, mid-morning and evening classes to suit everyone’s needs. The studio is open 5 days a week.

The motto of U.K.B. Kenkokan Karate-do is “To Always Try to Improve Your Techniques and be a Better Person in Everything You Do”. The U.K.B. Kenkokan system boasts many senior and junior, male and female, black belts who are proven in competition and are very capable instructors ready to assist in the running of the organisation wherever required.

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